Friday, April 8, 2016

Points of doctrine

The first point of doctrine that stood out to me was in Matthew 23:34 where Jesus is talking about the woes that will come upon the Pharisees and also how the Pharisees will kill and crucify the prophets. I thought that was very significant because those things really did happen by the saduccees and the Pharisees because Peter was crucified upside down and a few other apostles as well. Christ foretold this as a definite fruit of the Pharisees and their pride and wickedness. Everything that Christ spoke about has happened or will happen.
               Another point of doctrine that stood out to me was in Matthew 24:6 where Christ is talking about how all of these signs will occur but that the end is not yet. I thought that it was interesting that he said that because many of those things have happened and so many people lose hope and faith and think that the end is already there. But that is not the end. I’m so grateful that Christ foretold of the things that will be coming before He comes again so that we can know of a greater surety of his coming.

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